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Elisabeth Hoff Portfolio

Elisabeth Hoff - Jul 2017

Branding and website for a fashion and celebrity photographer.

With over 400 photographs, organisation and access to the content of the site, was the biggest challenge from a UX and UI perspective. The irregular nature of the photography’s ratio, guided the design’s masonry style grid system.

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Filtering Content

Ajax filtering for quicker access to content. Genre categories and filter tag dropdown menu’s update dynamically, with unrelated links disabled to avoid blank results.

Grid & Pagination

Random photo ratio formats inform masonry style grid. Infinite scroll keeps page loads lighter for quicker browsing.

Content focused

Photography takes up 75% of viewport to maximise content viewing, allowing the other 25% split top and bottom to show tag based related content and access to menu / filtering or home.


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Elisabeth Hoff Branding – The Mark
Elisabeth Hoff Branding – Colour
Elisabeth Hoff Branding – Typography
Elisabeth Hoff Branding – Typography