Work Sign in, register and on-boarding

Sign in, register and on-boarding

Sep 2021 | The Guardian

When I joined the Identity team in second quarter of 2021 they were transitioning the sign in, register and on-boarding functionality from in-house to a third party platform.

The sign and register, on-boarding journey and a members area had been designed at different stages of development over the previous few years and as a result were visually disjointed from each other.

Onboarding: before

Sign in - register page
Before: Sign in page
Verify email page
Before: Verify email page
Before: newsletters
Audit: Onboarding
Before: Audit

I started by auditing the flow of these pages and made a note of the different headers, typography styles, colour palettes and iconography.

Onboarding: after

Onboarding: welcome create password
After: create password
Onboarding: stay in touch support
After: support
Onboarding: newsletters
After: newsletters
Onboarding: results
After: overview

The approach was to simplify design and create a consistent look and feel through the sign in, register and on-boarding stages.

The result is a stripped back design where functionality and accessibility dictate the visual language, without compromising The Guardian’s design style.