Work Year in review report 2021

Year in review report 2021

Jan 2022 | The Guardian

The end of year report, rounds up the key news, investigations and business achievements at the Guardian. This year there was an introduction, a business overview and a journalism round-up of 2021.

The brief was to follow the 2020 report design, but with less content and more focus on the video. On the surface the report differs slightly from 2020, the colour palette and article cards being the noticeable difference.

Guardian year in review 2021: Introduction

Our numbers: 16.1bn page views

However it’s behind the scenes that the majority of the progress was made. During 2021 at the Guardian there was a strong focus on accessibility, so meeting this criteria was key. The navigation is keyboard accessible. And whilst the articles title has been replaced by the logo graphic, it’s still readable via screen reader.

The report begins with a hero image that combines three recognisable Guardian logos to create a mash-up version of the current logo

Animated composition by Rosanna Webster

Article card: Pandora papers

Each section is marked by a bold heading block and byline. Key results are left aligned blocks with bold numbers and short description.

For the introduction and business sections I commissioned Rosanna Webster to create beautiful animated compositions based on the 2021 content.

The journalism section has article cards which highlight key news stories and investigations from 2021. The design echos the introduction of rounded corners used in latest App design released late 2021.