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EFH Global Website

Nov 2016 | Energy for Humanity

Branding, website, microsite, documents and infographics for a start up NGO who champion the use of nuclear technology, along with renewable energy to combat air pollution and global warming.


EFH Desktop & Mobile


Designed around power and light. Cursor element suggests waiting for something to happen, a prompt or call to action. The CMYK colour palette, represents the primary elements of colour in print, while also being high energy and optimistic.

EFH Logo Animation
EFH Branding – The Mark
The Mark
EFH Branding – Colour
Colour palette
EFH Branding – Typography


Downloadable PDF briefings documents written by leaders in the field.

EFH Air Pollution Briefing
Air Pollution Briefing
EFH Air Pollution Briefing

Fact Sheet

The EFH nuclear fact sheet handout, for the COP 21 event in Paris December 2015.

EFH Fact Sheet COP 21
The EFH nuclear fact sheet which was a handout at the COP 21 event in Paris December 2015.
EFH Fact Sheet COP 21
COP 21 is global event attended by the World governments to discuss solutions to future climate change.


Infographic showing energy output per achre square

Graphic to highlight the space required to generate the same amount of clean energy.